Karrueche Tran Says Dating Chris Brown Ruined Her Career

Karrueche Tran says dating Chris Brown was a big mistake because he damaged her career so bad that she is struggling to find her footing in Hollywood.

Speaking with BBC UK, Karrueche is making it clear that she and Chris Brown are not on speaking terms right now. She also said that her association with him has hurt her career.

“I used to date him, and now as I am growing into myself and maturing and getting my career together, I am starting to have my own name without having to be associated,” Tran said. “We’re not friends or anything like that at this point.”

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Karrueche Tran currently has a budding acting career and has a major role in the online daytime sitcom Vanity. She was also cast in the SyFy film 3 Headed Shark Attack.

But she is saying that a lot of people choose to not work with her because of the stigma that she is a weak person from dating Chris Brown.


“Negative stuff was being said and being brought up. A lot of people were like ‘she’s only famous because of Chris Brown,'” she said. “A lot of people think I am a weak individual because of past situations and when it comes to business sometimes people don’t want to be involved with somebody like that. Which is understandable, but it s*cks, because I’m not a weak person.”

Karueche is now rumored to be dating Manchester United soccer stud Memphis Depay. Sources are saying that Brown is jealous of the relationship and still has hopes that they will get back together.

For his part, Brown just get real personal and candid on a new song with Rick Ross titled “Sorry.” The R&B hitmaker sings about his regrets of hurting her over and over.


  1. Karrueche’s always seems to put her foot in her mouth, just when you start thinking she’s okay! Go iron out those lines in your forehead Rrueche and have several seats, no one checking for you girl!!!

  2. Ya all commenting here are so dump. Karrueche is talking about the time she was still with Chris- she was not getting jobs and now that she had left him the doors are opening up for her. SHE IS NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT HER CURRENT SITUATION BUT OF THE TIME SHE WAS WITH CHRIS. ALL SHE DID WAS TO SUPPORT HIM AND HIS CAREER BUT HERS SUFFERED AND CHRIS MADE HER IMAGE LOOK BAD BY EXPOSING THEIR PERSONAL ISSUES TO THE WORLD- THREESOMES, RIHANNA, DRAKE AND MORE. Stop kissing Rihanna and Chris asses just because they are famous, they can also do wrong you know coz they are human too.

  3. What career???? You were only there for the publicity. Now goodbye!

  4. Is she on crack or something like seriously???? What career???? LMAO she got jokes for days….

  5. Idiot alert, darlene and all below. The misleading title is NOT what she said. Did you read the article? She never said that dating Chris ruined anything. Reading is fundamental people.

    • Karrueche stated, her history of dating Chris Brown has made her look weak to employers and she’s not weak. Karrueche participated in that perception her willingly. They talked about her for years so she shouldn’t complain now that she’s trying to be an actress of people talking about her and labeling her. They always have. Why would she think that would be different. She has to realize that her dating Chris Brown is all they really know about her. Also she seems a little entitled. They may feel her reputation may be a negative energy for that role, or she not a good actress. Either way, acting is a very competitive field and anybody looking to succeed in that field has to have thick skin and not walk in to read for roles complaining about what they think of them because she made that reputation. She has to keep trying just like everybody else and master her skill. Nobody wants to hear complaints about how employers see you or saying about your past. If their doing that to her is they think she feels she’s entitled or has no real resume or skill for the part she’s reading for.

  6. Most of the time when I see her name I don’t click on the blog. If you don’t click on the blog with her name on it. Hopefully, they will stop printing stories about her.

  7. Well she got this far because of Chris. She just doesn’t know how hard it is to get into the business. If people thinks she’s weak its because she allowed him to dog her out. So she needs to blame herself. Besides, she’s probably not getting any real work because she didn’t earn it. Actresses go to college, look at Sinah Lathan, and Nia long, and Taraji and allot of other have graduated from college with a degree in theater. All she did was date Chris Brown and took a couple of classes. She is very ungrateful. She should be glad anybody know her damn name.. She sucks as an actress that’s why she’s not getting the roles she wants. Look how she talks, like a baby. Karrueche wants to be a big star so bad. Now she wants to blame Chris. That’s why people don’t like her.

  8. Karrueche never talk bout how Chris let her have the kill fashion design clothing line a company she took nowhere) i remember readn modeln agency telln her she wasn’t the type of model they where interest in to short/ little

  9. Agreed Darlene. Chris was her career money wise karrueche hurt herself tryn to change Chris hopn she could make him be wat she desired it didnt work now she’s cryn a river on every interview

    • She got some damn nerves. Saying Chris hurt her career. What career? When Chris Brown met her she was working in a department store. She lucky she got the little parts she got. She thinks she supposed to be Halley Berry or something. Nobody wants to work with her because she can’t act and why reward her with a part because she kissed Chris Brown ass. That’s what their saying. She thinks roles are supposed to role into her living room. She’s an ungrateful Bish.

  10. Darlene Anderson

    Yeah try to stay relevant bish! You didn’t have a career before Chris!

    • Exactly, Sinah Lathan graduated from Princeton with a degree in Theater. Nia Long has a degree, Taraji has a degree. Most of the black actresses you see in movies and TV have college degree’s in theater. How the hell she thinks she’s going to go up against Sinah Lathan and Taraji and get the part. They have a degree and a resume and she doesn’t. She been around Chris Brown too long. That’s what it is. She got used to living the good life because he’s a big star. Now she thinks roles are supposed to fly into her hand. Acting is one of the hardest businesses to get in. She can’t act, she talks like a baby. So she has nobody but herself to blame.

      • Lol. Her name is spelled ‘Sanaa’ and she actually went to Yale. Ya’ll are pathetic.

      • Karrueche spotlight has dimmed. She was getting parts and allot of attention because she was Chris Brown’s girlfriend. Now she’s just an ex. So the hype and attention bought on some small roles for her. Now she’s starting to see what it is to be a struggling actress. Now she’s blaming her relationship with Chris Brown on why she’s not getting roles? Really. I say she wouldn’t have had the little success she’s had if it wasn’t for Chris Brown because we wouldn’t know who the hell she was. That’s why the directors aren’t hiring her. There not hiring her because she has no real resume in acting or real skill. Now that she’s bashing the directors, she’s going to get blocked. She’s acting like a Diva as if she’s entitled. The directors are probably feeling she must feel entitled for certain roles because she doesn’t qualify for them.

    • Preach! That’s when I stopped paying any attention to her, talking about a 2 year old baby girl. Look how beautiful she is now and that long UNdamaged hair, is so BEYONCE TWIN. I will always believe she, Nia, Jas Prince (pimp) & Christina Milian pulled that robbery off and the setup with Nia & Chris to get her pregnant for a Pay Day for all! God don’t like ugly. She never liked Chris brown. She is over him toooooooo quick.