Jay Z “The Black Gangster” Previously Recorded Unreleased Song

Jay Z just released a song from his vault of previously recorded unreleased tracks.

DJ Absolute unearth the track which was never released as part of his Mixtape Monday’s series. XXL mag reported that the single was previously titled “This Life Forever” and was featured on Jay Z’s 2003 mixtape S. Carter Collection and the 1999 Black Gangster soundtrack.

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“My lyrics is like the Bible, made to save lives / In the midst of all your misery, ni**a, I can stay fly,” Jay Z raps.

Jay Z is rumored to be working on a joint album with his wife Beyonce although there are not much details on that project to go with. Reports suggest a 2016 release date.

Listen to “The Black Gnagster” below.

Jay Z was ranked No. 2 on Billboard list of 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time behind Notorious B.I.G.

The hip hop mogul also ranked No. 2 on Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings behind Diddy. Jay Z banked a reported $56 million in the last year alone and has a net worth of