Omarion feat. BJ the chicago kid Game Over Lyrics

(Chorus – Omarion & BJ The Chicago Kid)
I’m running late but I will stay for it
She wanna blaze, I got the flame for her
Said she need a baller, I got the plane
She hit the J and now it’s game over
Baby girl I got everything that you need
I know you feeling good now you hit the weed
Big ass and some Hennessy, it’s game over
I got to play, game, I got to play, it’s game over

(Verse 1 – Omarion)
Pull up on the lane, out up of the Range Rover
I be switching lanes, in my change over
Ni**as better pray, I done catch a case on ’em
Put that word to J Hova
F**k her on a plane, call that bi**h a lay over
Who am I to play? I know why you came
Baby what you say
You ain’t gotta pay for it

(Repeat Chorus)

Game oh nah oh, it’s game over, game
Game, it’s game over
Game, it’s game over
Game, it’s game over
Even if this song is
Game, it’s game over