Justin Bieber – The Feeling feat. Halsey Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Justin Bieber)
You are to me
A part of me just like anatomy
You’re pulling me
You’re pulling me in like you’re gravity

(Refrain – Justin Bieber)
I’m notorious for thinking you’re full of beautiful
Instead of hollow
Sugar on your lips, it’s hard to kill
Jagged like a pill, so hard to swallow

(Chorus – Justin Bieber & Halsey)
Am I in love with you? Am I in love with you?
Or am I in love with the feeling?
Trying to find the truth, trying to find the truth
Sometimes the heart is deceiving
Can’t get out of my head, I need you to save me
If I am delusional then maybe I’m crazy
In love with you, am I in love with you?
Or am I in love with the feeling?

(Verse 2 – Justin Bieber)
You give to me
Everything, anything that I could dream
And at least that’s what it seems
Could it be I don’t know what’s good for me?

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus)

(Bridge – Justin Bieber)
I’m sinking faster and faster
Between heaven and disaster
Sorry if I made you feel like
I’m standing on the borderline

(Repeat Chorus)


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