Puff Daddy & the Family – All or Nothing ft. French Montana & Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

I want it all or nothing, don’t give me nothing
Don’t give me nothing
Ayo French, yo, talk to ’em
I want it all or nothing, these ni**as be fronting
These ni**as be fronting
You know what I’m talking bout
You came here with nothing, you leave here with nothing
You know what I’m talking bout, you know what I’m talking bout

(Verse 1 – French Montana)
She came here with nothing, she gon leave with nothing
I was born with nothing, gon die with nothing
My dome is strapped and she’ll die for nothing
You came here for them, came out with nothing
My whole team stunting, neck full of gold, haaan
I’m high and drunk, don’t listen to this
No OG or Puff, got Christian women
She came from the block, it was picture women
Hop on this yacht, come fishing with me
All these bad bi**hes taking pictures with me
All the police taking pictures of me
New Lambo, all pistol whipping

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I want it all
You want it to but s**t, I want it more
I had a ball
I spoke to Ye, he said I am a god
Got no time though
You know what I’m talking bout?
You can’t take it with you, you might as well ball
You know what I’m talking bout?
I take from the rich and I give to the poor
I want it all or nothing, don’t give me nothing
I was born with nothing, gon die with nothing
They ain’t give me nothing so I owe em nothing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Wiz Khalifa)
I want all the weed, I want all the cheese
I want a bad bi**h from overseas
I need my d**k s**ked, I mean, on your knees
I roll a paper plane, go where I’m supposed to be
I’m probably in the clouds and I ain’t looking down
No problems, I got all smiles
The ni**as with me, they all wild
Counting money, let it all pile
They’ve been waiting a long while
For a young ni**a with his own style
She hit my phone and I go to her house
Give me that brain, told her open her mouth
Know when I’m bout, money, marijuana, pu**y
Some things I don’t go without
Come to my house, probably get lost
Have you stuffing weed, you won’t make it out
I be so high that I’m floating
F**ked this bi**h and now she open
Talking bout she want a real one
All these ni**as, I don’t feel none
Hundred thousand dollar bills on her
Wrote another thousand dollar meal
I’m the king and all my ni**as loyal still
Take your bi**h and f*** her, crazy for the thrill
I ain’t tripping on you ni**as cause I’m making paper
Laugh now, she gon f**k me later
Smell the caking from the elevator
No phones, they investigators