Chance The Rapper – Angels ft. Saba [New Music]

Chance The Rapper teamed up with Saba on new single “Angels,” produced by Lido & The Social Experiment.

I got my city doing front flips
When every father, mayor, rapper jump ship
I guess that’s why they call it where I stay
Bring up the streets so my daughter can have somewhere to play
I’m the blueprint to a real man
Some of these ni**as toss they tassel for a deal man
I ain’t going to hell or the Hillman
Igh-Igh-Igh-Igh…for my real fans
I got caught up with a little Xan
Can’t stop me but it slow me though
Yeah ni**a famous, you don’t know me though

Chance The Rapper – Angels ft. Saba Lyrics

Listen full track below.