Konshens – Link Up Lyrics

Gyal a true you neat and sexy no rass-claat
Meck you always deh in a you man heart
When him f**k you him seh you have the best pu**y
And when him come him feel like seh is a false start
Him could a pull up the f**k and run it back from the top
Gyal you pu**y good you fi come kotch paw mi c**k
Gyal mi f**k you hotter than a shot from the glock
And the style dem weh you drop it illegal call the cops
Gyal come gi mi a link nuh, lock pon the block
Mi have a song fi you sing and drop it hot pon the track
F**k you anyweh wi deh right pon the spot
When f**k nice wi nuh watch the tic toc pon the clock

Gyal a suh wi f**k when wi link up
A suh wi f**k when wi spar
Yo pu**y wet before you reach
Mussi true you a f**k wid a star

Gyal a suh wi f**k when wi link up
A suh wi f**k when wi spar
Go pon the heights yo sure fi reach
Because you a f**k wid a star

(Verse 2)
Gyal mi c**key bruise up
Out a yo pu**y then you put in a yo mouth
And you haffi stop and ask mi wa meck it sweet suh
Yo seh mi c**key clean like a whistle
But hi tough like a stone
Then you seh mi fi tell you bout yo pu**y
But mi nuh love talk in a f**k
But when you si the look in a mi eye dem
Ma-trash and the sheet a wet up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)