Vybz Kartel – Electric Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Baby am hypnotized
Like wise am so surprise
You play with my mind
And I own you girl

Baby we’ll die tonight
Is there some compromise
Till the end of time
And I own you girl

Your love is electric
Your love is electric
You make me so crazy
You make me feel sexy

(Verse 2)
I must be out of clue
Cause am so in to you
You know what to do
And I’ll die with you

Mountains clouds take this love
Right there by stars above
It’s in our blood
This must be love

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Well I never put nothing above you
Not even the cloud
Cause you is a girl me believe in
But mi cyaa tek a next bad feeling
No more dirty Diana
No more day dreaming
Start out fresh bring
Link up later this evening
Fi a thing name sexual healing
Mi nuh waan si yo dictionary
Without you live have no meaning
Mi naw mess around I mean it
Mi don’t want you girl I need it
Ask weh mi waan oh really

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. Meek derek adijah

    I have not seen, ”must be your tattoo..coz am so inner to you”

  2. Urbanz why y’all never have the right lyrics? 95% of the time y’all lyrics for Vybz Kartel songs are incorrect. Please fix that