DJ Khaled – I Ride ft. Boosie Badazz, Future, Jeezy & Rick Ross Lyrics

(Chorus – Future)
Yeah, I said all these ni**as, f**k ni**as
(Boosie Badazz, yeah, yeah
And they said they f**k wit’ you
Uh-huh, f**k em, woo
But really they don’t f**k wit you, huh, no tussle
So I advise you not to f**k wit em DJ Khaled
And so I bought the Wraith on em Wraith boys
I still got the paper plates on em money boy, woo
And if you think I’m playing wit you playing wit you
I ride on you ni**as yeah!
I ride on you ni**as
I ride on you ni**as
I ride on you ni**as
I ride on you ni**as
I ride on you ni**as
I ride on you ni**as
I ride on you ni**as
So I advise you not to f**k wit em

(Verse 1 – Boosie Badazz)
Boosie Mandela, I am the people’s choices
We can take it there, but I take it much farther
Dude you don’t know me, so you can’t drink my bottle
Why when I was gone, you ain’t do nothing for my daughter?
Paper plate-living ni**as hating cause I’m balling
Boring his bi**h, f**ked her and spoiled
You don’t wanna see me all I do is make a call
We have no specific victims, we want all y’all
Riding for the team, .45 wit a beam
Plenty murder scenes
So I advise you not to f**k wit em
It’s levels to this sh*t like my ni**a Meek say
DJ Khaled, look

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Jeezy)
All the bad bi**hes real ni**as holler when we enter
Sky dweller looking like chilly in the winter
Twelve gage…bruh that bi**h look like a chopper
And my dawg….so I hand it to my partner
Heat game chip bi**h I’m chilling on the floor
All white hit the door looking like a kilo
Ice machine refrigerator ni**a what the hell
What they said about my watch when I spoke to
Cash on the Wraith so this s**t is not a lease
Hundred cash on the Cuban f**k I need with a piece
Catch you in the streets knock your top off like a Jeep
Then we show up at your funeral and piss all on your wreath
Ride on em

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Rick Ross)
Betting on a ni**a I’mma go and get it
And if I set it on a ni**a you can bet that I’mma go and hit it
These the laws that we live by
Same ni**as that your looking at the ones you getting slit by
Still moving how I wanna
For a brick whole clique getting left in a coma
White glove it’s a deadly game
You gon f**k top down say my name like
All I want is real estate
Graduated from the corner til I send it up the interstate
Ni**as hating on me
But I got a new plug and it got a truck waiting on me

(Repeat Chorus)

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