Jadakiss Ft. Dyce Payne – Baby Lyrics

(Chorus – Dyce Payne)
I’m still a shooter at the dice game, Yeah
Hoodie season with the ice chain, Yeah
I pull up in that white thing, Yeah
Perico my license plate say cocaine, yeah
Whipping up work with the propane..Whip it) Yeah
B**ches on my head like Rogaine , Yeah
I cradle my piece my Baby
Been in the streets ever since I was a Baby

(Verse 1 – Jadakiss)
Feds came in, they’ve had enough, it’s bad enough
It ain’t even drugs, it’s bodies that they bagging up
Watch out, if you shoot a ni**a then they gonna stab em up
Big difference between a savage and a scavenger
Crazy cause I’m sitting on green, puffing the lavender
Everybody busts with the coupe, I pull a wagon up
For some reason the money and love just ain’t adding up
I tend to appreciate it more if you had it rough
Dollar and a dream but ni**as ain’t even got a buck
So they start looking for help cause they out of luck
Stand tall til them shots fly, then you gotta duck
Got a high shooting percentage then you ain’t gotta chuck
Back at the squad car dying to get out the cuffs
You know when you brandish the iron, then you gotta bust
Plastic or chrome, no doubt my Baby
I don’t leave home without my Baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Jadakiss)
This all facts, you just gotta check the proof that’s there
Look at the stash, you just gotta check the loot that’s there
When it’s a war, you accountable for troops that’s there
I made a quarter million dollars off of fruit last year
The old heads don’t give a f**k, it’s the youth that care
They standing by the tree but they don’t see the noose that’s there
They telling lies to our vision tryna boost our fear
I get my hands on a gallon of that juice, I swear
Every time that a ni**a threw a deuce, I squared
Find every auxiliary and Bluetooth I paired
All the truth I share, every booth I aired
Sometimes I go over their heads so I lose my peers
Work out and eat right so I don’t lose no years
But I don’t feel no remorse so I don’t use no tears
Just a MAC-11, trey pound seven my Baby
Yeah, AK or the desert my Baby

(Repeat Chorus)