Chris Brown Care ‘Zero’ If Drake And Karrueche Hooked Up

Chris Brown is making it clear that he could care less if Drake and his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran is hooking up.

Over the weekend the Toronto rapper and the actress were spotted partying together at Mr. Nice Guy in West Hollywood. Sources say they were talking to each other and laughing.

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“Karrueche arrived just moments before drake did,” sources told us. “It’s unclear if the meet up was planned before hand or was just mere coincidence that they turned up at the same spot around the same time. But they were very friendly with each other and Drizzy even bought drink for everyone even folks that he didn’t came there with.”

Drake famously took a few jabs at Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown in his song “Live From The Gutter” with Future off their new mixtape What A Time To Be Alive.

“This for my n***as on that bullsh** and that nonsense / This for my dogs who go Karrueche with the chopsticks / And we gon miss you,” Drake raps.

Brown eventually called out his nemesis via IG saying that he doesn’t have time for all the BS.

Karrueche-Tran-and-Chris-Brown (2)

Seems both Karrueche Tran and Drake has put all of that behind them now. The only question remaining is are they hooking up? Brown is telling his people that he care “Zero” referring to the title of his new hit song.

“Breezy don’t have time to pay attention to all of that BS right now,” sources close to the “Liquor” singer told Urban Islandz. “The homie about to put out a new dope album and have a beautiful daughter that he is focusing on. Life is good and he is over Karrueche and could give two cents who she want to give it up to.”

Chris Brown famously blast Karrueche Tran for allegedly hooking up with Drake while he was serving time in jail for probation violation.

“I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake,” Brown rant.


  1. This is getting boring now and who cares who she give yourself self to on that note i don’t have time for this.Kiss teeth so loud it deaf my neighbor.

    • Drake is trying to provoke Chris to create some publicity around himself because his music isn’t. Why does he need Chris to sell records. He mentioned Karrueche in the song, shots at Chris, now he’s at the same club Karrueche is in. So come on. After Rihanna it’s boring and so obvious but tell that to Drake.

  2. Chris stay focused and keep soaring like an eagle and sh**ting on them birds! Kae will chase down a lion if it will give her publicity. She does these things hoping Chris will respond but I believe those days are over… Drake .. Chris said please keep her he can’t pay no more bills for her he has a daughter now.

  3. dem nuh ramp fi call up ktran name eeh, any celeb dem see anyweh she deh dem try fi link dem inna supn, and then dash chris name inna it… smh, tabloids

  4. Patricia Williams

    Chris “my baby boy, KEEP THE FOCUS ON BEING A FATHER 2 ROYALTY AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP W HER!!!!!!!! When the time arrives GOD will bring the correct woman in2 your lives. NEITHER Karrueche or Rhianna R WORTHY of being influential in Royalty’s life and that includes being associated w you. Their decisions 2 do what they have done in life IS NOT YOUR LOSS”!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris could care less about those two “pressed” people. If Karruche had any respect for herself, she would avoid Drake after he included that racist “Chopstick” jab in his song, “Live from the gutter.” Wow, she will do anything to gain attention; and Drake seems so jealous of Chris. Drake is also mad because Rihanna said in a recent interview that the only real relationship she has ever had was with Chris. Hope Chris continues to ignore Karruche and Drake and not give them any publicity at his expense.

    • Patricia Williams

      I don’t think Drake is jealous of Chris “but I agree that he probably feel stupid 4 developing emotions 4 Rhianna”!!!!!!!

    • I see you at it again. Drake is extremely jealous of Chris. Chris doesn’t have time for Drake or Karrueche. They both need attention. I’m am so happy Chris is ignoring them. Thank God Karate Chop is out of his system. She is so desperate right now.

      • 100% agree! Drake’s jealousy of Chris is so intense that it drives him to chase Chris’ ex’s, hoping Chris is bothered by it. His resentfulness is so overwhelming that he doesn’t realize how foolish and creepy it looks to Chris and the world. He’s mad partly because Chris is better looking, more talented, and more real than he is. And he also can’t stand the fact that Rihanna preferred Chris over him. And yes, Miss Insecure Karruche Tran will do anything to gain attention.

      • Really I think Drake does things like this for publicity. He always does this when he has new music out because everyone knows how passionate Chris is. Unfortunately Chris is tired or making people famous and Rich. It’s not a story unless Chris reply’s then you’ll hear it all over. Chris isn’t responding anymore because there’s really no reason too. Everybody knows how Chris is always under the spotlight and people know if it’s something involving Chris Brown their going to get publicity to promote whatever there trying to promote. Drake mentioned Chris in his song on his and future’s album. Which is a garbage album and Drake was trying to pull Chris in to create Drama to promote sales. Their album sold mostly on hype of what it was expected to do but it didnt. In the second week sales dropped at 81 % because they had no publicity because Chris didn’t respond. Now Drake is trying to provoke him with showing up at the same club as Karrueche but Chris doesn’t care because he’s not giving up no free Pub. Besides everybody knows Drake is not interested in Karrueche and she not interested in Drake. She allows things because she needs the attention to stay relevant.

      • You’re right – A large part of the stunts Drake pulls is to create drama to promote sales for his albums. At the same time, he tries to get under Chris’ skin because of his jealousy of him. But Chris knows what’s up.

  6. Kae true colors are starting to show. She can no longer hide behind Chris & blame everything on him. Sweet little naive act is wearing thin. Now she using her manager as a scapegoat for her bad decisions. She is a grown woman & acts like her life is controlled by men

  7. I feel Chris he shouldn’t care. she have no fame wit out a mill ticket to support her in that’s lame