Ty Dolla $ign- Airplane Mode Lyrics

So much kush in my system damn I can’t remember what her motherf**king name was
So many bi**hes mad at me right now cause I won’t give them a shoulder to lean on

These days gotta keep my phone on airplane mode to dodge these hoes
These days got a ni**a walking around with two phones to dodge these hoes

I just rolled a joint with a glass tip
She been masturbating with the plastic
Told that pu**y that she about to get her a*s kicked
Molly made me f**k her even though she average
Take a puff, take another, hold it in, blow it out, pull it out, put it in her mouth
Then I choke her out
Tell your ni**a knock it of, mind his business don’t get involved he don’t want no problems
But ain’t no pu**y good enough to get broke while I’m in it
I’ll be back in a minute
These hoes try to drain every ounce of energy up out your body
Oh these days, these days

(Repeat Chorus 2X)