Vybz Kartel Warns Tommy Lee Sparta Following Leak Voicenotes

Vybz Kartel is not taking too likely his former protege Tommy Lee Sparta taking a swipe at him during a heated argument with one of his former friends.

Last week a back-and-forth voicenotes between Tommy Lee and Jr Dillinger was leaked online. One particular statement from the “Spartan Angel” deejay caught the attention of Vybz Kartel fans.

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Kartel people are told Urban Islandz that he heard the message and is not happy about it.

“World Boss and Tommy Lee should not even be mentioned in the same sentence because there is just no comparison and Tommy Lee need to know himself and stop calling the boss name,” a rep for the incarcerated deejay told us. ”

“Addi heard the voicenote and him want Tommy Lee to worry about the money that him owe the boss before Slim pay him another visit,” Kartel’s rep added.

“Two face Tommy Lee who acting like him loyal to Addi when him a go behind the man back and a diss the boss.”

Last year a leaked voicemail surfaced online of Tommy Lee Sparta crying about being roughed up by one of Vybz Kartel goons name Slim. Lee also confirmed that the incident did happen.

Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee Sparta previously collaborated on song such as “Informer” and “Betray Di Gaza Boss.”

Listen the leaked voicenotes here.

Vybz Kartel before prison photos


  1. Kartel seems to be giving “haters” a tough time.One thing for sure him in control of dancehall behind bar

  2. ” …worry about the money that him owe the boss before Slim pay him another visit”
    Spoken like a true murdering gangsta thug.
    Somebody please tell me that Kartel doesn’t belong in a prison. I’m always looking for a good laugh.

    • Ur just a hater focus pon your problem n lef kartel problem yuh a dead fi hungry he’s not yuh a back yuh fist him have a wife him rich ur poor u understand what saying or u want me break it down to ur level so u can undetstatnd

      • Dear, Robbie. I am well-fed, well-hung, and not without the company of a good woman. It’s true…I may not be rich, but I have my freedom. That along with this degree I’m pursuing gives me the potential to make a pretty good living for myself.

        I would break it down for you, but unless you can lift your head out of Kartel’s crotch, you’ll never understand what I’m trying to tell you.

      • From the guy who has a comment on every Kartel article. I believe you are in love with him. Get your mouth off his cock

      • Surely you must understand that what you believe has no bearing on what I wrote, or why I wrote it, correct??

        i.e. I believe jahson wished he had his lips all over Kartel’s cock and nutsack.

        See how that works?

      • It’s safe to say you dream of kartels member in your backside as you are the first to comment on every article he is written in. Check how this works, I see Bruce Jenner articles and I skip right over, but you join in. You are fascinated with kartel admit it. You hated him so much that now you are in love with him after putting yourself in a position to get to know him so well. Sad. Trolls shouldn’t fall in love

  3. Dawg Tommy Lee neva diss d Teacha is batty bwoy Dillinger wat ah fight off ah Teacha name yow!

    • Can I get that in English, please? Didn’t your mother send you to school, boy?

      • It’s called patios so learn what you’re talking about bright bloodclaat ediat

      • Aside from your oxymoronic reply, you say ta-may-toes; I say too-mutt-ohhs. What you call patois I call the butchery of the English language. I’m not asking for miracles when I make such a demand. After all, English was the language we were taught in school.

  4. see what i mean? kartel is always direct, when him a talk to you, u know, u nuh affi wonder or read between the lines. addi nuh go round di thing

    • There you have it. That is the primary reason he’s behind bars right now. It’s too bad he didn’t learn the subtleties of the gangsta life, too bad he couldn’t be indirect like when mobsters ask how’s your family. Too bad this foolish thug will never see the light of a free day again. Who knows?? A couple of more years on the street and Kartel could have been chopped up fine fine too.

      • yea anything could have happened (dog eat dog world), but he got locked up and it is what it is, you want him to be free or something? i dont understand your frustration/anger. he did his crimes, he got locked up (like many ppl agree is supposed to happen when you do wrong), what more are you looking for? different strokes for different folks, he had his own ways of doing things, and he’s been charged for his wrongdoings, so what if he’s not gonna see the light of day again? does that upset you? I’m not understanding what makes y’all so jittery and touchy about the man after he has faced his demise and is paying the consequences. unnu wanted to see his downfall, now you have, and unnu still nuh satisfied, where is the frustration coming from? what is the real issue? what are you getting at?

      • Dog eat dog world?! Is that the world you live in? I would love to introduce you to my world where dog feed dog. That’s something you’ll never know until you stop treating everyone you meet as the enemy.

        Your lack of understanding is not my problem. It’s of no concern of mine. There he sits in prison and here we are reading about his trifling BS on UI. Do you not find it odd that UI would promote a convicted murderer on their site? Just know I won’t be “satisfied” until I read Adijah Palmer’s obituary.

        Jittery, touchy…WTF?!?!


        Try revulsed, disgusted as those are better desciptors of how I feel about Kartel.

        As for the real issue, that should have been obvious to all. Convicts, especially murderers should not be promoted, or revered in print. It sets a bad example for the youth. Nod your head if you understand.

      • “Lack of understanding, convict, promote” lol good/strategic choice of words.. didn’t know you were a psychologist as well. Maybe one day you’ll get that obituary you’re looking for. I’d recommend to stop following up kartel since you’re revulsed and disgusted by him. Nice chatting, good day to you.

      • Delusional psycho-babble aside, Kartel is a train wreck, a fatal car accident, a decapitated rotting stinking head on a stick in UI’s front yard. I’m the type to slow down just to take a closer looksee…I hope you don’t mind.

        One thing about train wrecks, car accidents and heads on pikes; there’s no shortage of such tragedies in this life.

        Now, feis ort.