Darrio – Explode Lyrics

Mi meck shi explode like a time bomb
Big c**key you a ride pon

Mi meck shi explode like a time bomb
Shi a wait fi the f**k how long

Mi meck shi explode like a time bomb
Kotch it fi mi pon the night stand

Mi meck shi explode, explode, explode
explode, explode, explode, explode
Mi meck shi explode

(Verse 1)
Before mi put it in mi tease hi likkle bit
Meck you grab mi up and squeeze mi likkle bit
You a scream and a seh fi f**k you now
Cause a weeks you a wait and you needing it
Shi wet up all the bed set
Shi win the race and mi neven did seh get set
Seh shi never know man like mi meck yet
Fi meck shi feel like seh shi never sex yet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi start f**k in a the bedroom
Now wi reach in a the hall
Mi sure the neighbor dem next door
Must hear when you a bwaal
Shi seh her boyfriend nuh last 5-minutes
Shi ask mi Darrio a weh you find the tricks
Shi just mark her x pon him name
But fi me shi sign the ticks

(Repeat Chorus 2X)