PartyNextDoor – OVO Freestyle Lyrics

Praying on a grip
Momma still insist
Riding with a bi**h, broken smiles is hard to fix
Skinny b**ches turn to big sl*ts real quick
Jealousy is one hell of a drug, my d**k
That ain’t in my blood
Paint the pavement in my Timbalands
Wonder if I would drop, now we yelling Timber man
Police let me slide cause I’m riding for my city
If this don’t make the album, then the album ain’t this gritty
Even told me I be good, you was bout to sign for 20 G’s
How that supposed to last when I’m riding with bout twenty G’s?
Half the time embarrassed cause this lame ni**a’s an enemy
His ride’s about to ride out, he’s talking bout he’s ending me
Drop a tape late, imagine if that s**t drop tomorrow?
Five months ahead of these ni**as, my s**t just hit the charts
Cold chicken with the coldest wine, we ain’t living life
Steak dinners for the side piece, that’s just a side piece
Lord have mercy, Milo
Please don’t let the sheriff check the back of my Ford
Bad bi**h in the front, quit playing with my cords
Realize I’m OMO, OMO where I’m going
Me and Jay Wray talk about every day, that’s crazy man
Back when it was just a dream, ain’t that crazy man?
That’s why my circle stay tighter than the grip on stolen lighters
I am more than just a writer, my ni**as are more than riders
Oh yeah, oh yeah