Lil Wayne Says Birdman Stiff Nicki Minaj & Drake Money Also

Lil Wayne says that Birdman not only screwed him out of millions of dollars but also Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga.

TMZ obtained legal docs from the ongoing lawsuit between Weezy and the Cash Money honcho. Wayne is claiming that Birdman is bad news for business. The New Orleans rapper says he has letters from all three rappers camp stating that they got stiffed by the label out of a fortune.

Nicki Minaj also claimed that the label did not pay producers that she worked with on her albums. All three rap superstars Nicki, Drake and Tyga are signed to Lil Wayne’s label Young Money, but YM falls under the Cash Money umbrella and Lil Wayne is saying it’s CM responsibility to pay artists and producers.

Birdman is firing back stating that they gave Young Money over $100 million since 2012 for advances, marketing and royalties for various Young Money artists.

Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money earlier this year after going public that the label stiffed him and then refused to released his new album.

This legal battle seems far from over.


  1. birdman fi pay di ppl them, him too dutty

  2. They also individually made millions for themselves.