Bounty Killer – Been Bad Lyrics

You mussi think seh dem call mi killer fi no reason
And plus yo look like you waan know the reason
Season tell salt seh a good powder season

A nuh now Killer been bad
Dem a talk bout mi sin bad
Murder bwoy and out in a sea weh mi fling
Bury dem like Binlad, been bad
The whole Jamaica know mi thing mad

Mi been bad, the road dem mi fight
Mi a step up pon crime dem a talk bout mi sin bad
Anywhere mi go mi bring bad
Slaughter dem like butcher skin Hog

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh play when mi a go fi
Yo know how long him mumma waan tell him nuh fi try
Test Bounty Killer this likkle Caterpillar
Corn meck brain fly weh like butterfly
When mi shoot mi nuh miss cause mi not scared
A beat Hennessy straight caw wi nuh pop bill
Deh yah pon the battlefield same way nuh drop nil
Mi still alive and a breath through mi nostril
Yo cyaa base mi wid yo grace tin mackerel
Singer go compete the johnny cause him got kill
Mi nuh friend fish yo faggot
Mi shot kill
Now dem heart a splash out when the glock swing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a wickedest thing weh ever buss a gun
The babylon waan fi seized mi exodus a gun
Suh dem likkle hurry come up deh weh just a come
All a gwaan like dem cyaa rake up dusk a ground
Start check it out now dem just a run
No escape, see it deh now the tarrus a hunt
Subtract the gift of life and minus a lungs
Wi nuh fling stone bwoy head haffi buss a ground

(Repeat Chorus)