Kid Cudi – Judgemental Cunt Lyrics

This is for all your suffering
Judgemental cunt
Select your potion

Stay tuned, stay tuned
Stay tuned, stay tuned

(Verse 1)
You’re just some f***ed up little kid
Just some loser kid and you’re never ever going to be sh*t
Everywhere he goes loser little kid
Introverted kid, hating everybody type of kid
Look at you dumb punk loser kid
You ain’t never going to be sh*t somebody told you lies
Can’t hear a thing
Too preoccupied sipping kerosene

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You’re just some loser little boy
Can’t ever do a damn thing right you’ll never be s**t
Thank God, little loser loser boy
And you’ll never be anything but a f**king low life
Look at you dumb scurry little boy
You’ll never be nothing again don’t get this s**t twisted
Oh we shall see
What fate shall bring

(Repeat Chorus)

Yow, yow, help me, yow, how, yow, hey!
Yow, yow-yyow-yow-yow, how, yow, how how how, hey!
Hey, Hey!
Choose your potion