Sean Kingston & Chief Keef – Murda Mook [New Music]

Sean Kingston & Chief Keef join teamed for new single “Murda Mook,” produced by Metro Boomin.

Metro you want some more ni**a?
Open up the door ni**a
I come through with the rolls ni**a
I know you got the hoes ni**a
Murda Mook come through in the coupe
Up the chopper and they going Murda Mook
Hell yeah this s**t going Murda Mook
Gang with me ni**a what you wanna do?
I hop out and I’m going Murda Mook
In the mall and I got a lot of mula
I’m going ape sh*t bi**h baboon-a
And we laying s**t out like Luna
Murda Mook, Murda Mook with the choppa

Sean Kingston & Chief Keef – Murda Mook Lyrics

Listen full track below.