Sean Kingston & Chief Keef – Murda Mook Lyrics

(Intro – Chief Keef)
Eat this s**t up, eat this s**t up, eat this s**t up, I’mma eat this s**t
Eating it hungry, hungry, I got, ay
Metro you want some more ni**a? Metro bang bang

(Chorus – Chief Keef)
Metro you want some more ni**a?
Open up the door ni**a
I come through with the rolls ni**a
I know you got the hoes ni**a
Murda Mook come through in the coupe
Up the chopper and they going Murda Mook
Hell yeah this s**t going Murda Mook
Gang with me ni**a what you wanna do?
I hop out and I’m going Murda Mook
In the mall and I got a lot of mula
I’m going ape sh*t bi**h baboon-a
And we laying s**t out like Luna
Murda Mook, Murda Mook with the choppa
Murda Mook with the gualas
Murda Mook with my partners
50 in my Balmain, 100,000 in my Robbins, Murda Mook

(Verse 1 – Chief Keef)
Pulled up with my thugs, pulled up with the drugs
You want beef? Grub hub
Pull up I’ll sew you up, Murda Mook
Pu*** ni**a get stepped on, then I get air born
I hop out like James Bond, got the semi like Revron
Choppers shoot a video like World Star
I know shots for the universe ni**a, world wide
Pulled up, sting hoes bee hive
I drive my car how the f**king birds fly
Ni**a you don’t wanna buy the Murda Mook
I’m a dog, eat your ass like a shoe
Sosa blinged on a hoe, hop out and go poof
Bi**h I’m going Murda Mook in the booth
I’m going Murda Mook for the loot
Pulled up going Murda Mook in the coupe
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Murda Mook
When I spit like Murda Mook, the bi**h go vroom
Pulled up on a bi**h like zoom, Lil Boosie
30 on yeah, it’s a little movie
Pulled up with the racks and you know I got the jewelry
Walked in the spot and I shaked it like smoothie

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Sean Kingston)
Got killers at your front door
Ni**as talk trash then you ni**as die pronto
All my ni**as never lay low
Plus it on the trap getting all those
Screaming f**k the other side
When my ni**as gone ride
It’s gonna be homicide when we pull up
Ni**as know we ride, ni**as know we bout it
All my ni**as got dough, I don’t give a f**k
Oh no, I just popped a Xanny
Feel like I just popped, slow down
Ni**as talking all that trash, they don’t get it
Oh no, cocaine, time is money, yeah we bout it
Oh no, just popped the Rari police can’t tell me slow down
Never slow down ni**a
Count up cash, don’t owe now ni**a
You acting like you know my ni**a
Or you texting bout a ho my ni**a
I seen it before
All of your bi**hes, they come to the door
F**k em, I kick em, I don’t know no more
We get that money, they know it for sure

(Repeat Chorus)