Katie Got Bandz Ft. Chi Hoover & Jeremih – Make Me Rich Lyrics

(Chorus – Chi Hoover)
I woke up, uh
Tell her make them bands and bring me some
I need all my money every month
You gon run it like you owe me something
Now make me rich, make me rich
I need bout two strippers more than one
Won’t you shake your ass and show me something
Bands on bands, I make me more than one
Now make me rich

(Verse 1 – Jeremih)
I got bottles on bottles
Got bi**hes on bi**hes, they kissing each other in French
I fell in love with the new Maseratis
Said, f**k it, and went head and copped a new Benz
I don’t go one on one
I got like too many girls, I go crazy, got bi**hes I throw away
Throw up the money, blue hunnits
Got bleu cheese and bi**hes all under my wing and you know it
Get it back quick as I spend it
Throw it up, yeah she up on the pole spinning
You got no win when I’m stepping up in it
Bossing up on this s**t, y’all ni**as renting
Don’t want no known, on my own with my bi**h
And you know that I love when she bring me them Benjis
On her knees like religion
Got night life, you can get the bomb if you act right
When I put the cameras on blacklight
Bet you act right
Got all these girls in the back now
All my ni**as throwing up a stack now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Katie Got Bandz)
Make me rich, don’t want spend that s**t
I’m just taking hunnas, keep your tip
Bottle after bottle, pour that liq
Roll up what I like and now I’m lit
I’m the s**t
Katie Got Bandz in the building, y’all know I’m gon kill it
Throwing up dollars, she straight for them ballers
She all on the ceiling, it’s all for the riches
I don’t even strip but your BF gon tip me
Walk in the club and my diamonds on dizzy
Order some bottles, gotta get a thotty
She turnt off a bit so let’s see up the party
Breaking them bands like I practice karate
They all on the floor, got me walking on b**ches
Hundreds and 50s and bottles of Remy
Stack bands and throw em because I got plenty
Jewels because I got bank
Tell me that issue, I’m gripping that
See I’m so official, you should blow the whistle
Get rid of faces, get back to the basics now make me rich

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Jeremih)
You can shake your ass until tomorrow
I’ma eat it then kiss it like tomorrows
They don’t wanna stop me
I would take a shower but you’re better when you’re naked
I don’t really….I just wild out on my indo
Smoking on that indo, bad bi**h rolling up the indo
We don’t….all we going for the cheddar
Bleu cheese, hundred faces, blue faces, I’m eating better

(Outro – Chi Hoover & Katie Got Bandz)
Now make me rich, make me rich