Rich Homie Quan – I Get Lyrics

A lot of times
I be having a lot on my mind right
So I sit back on my bed, and look up at the ceiling
Cause I feel like, this s**t ain’t for me

It may seem like life don’t love you no more
I done had dreams like that felt so real I thought I was woke
Sometimes I feel like I wanna give up with no hope
Why does it feel like a ni**a f**king with me cause of what I do?

I get the picture
I get you ni**as
I get money, I get bi**hes
I get 100’s, I get 50’s
I get checks over a 20
I get checks buss em if they over 20
I’ll buss yo bi**h, only if she over 20
I got my bi**h just incase you ni**as creeping
She’ll buss at him, if I hear that ni**a creeping

(Verse 1)
A couple million, I got
A couple hunnid thousands in stock ni**a
And a couple businesses, I got
A seven year old lil boy these folks don’t know, I got
Problems like they do
Who f**ked up? I did
When she asked for money, who asked for custody? I did, I swear to God I did
I swear I told my first lil boy he could have whatever, On me
Million dollar trust fund, on me
If he wants something, on me
But they just so young they don’t see
They daddy be gone gotta feed they two mouths
That ain’t easy
Try to let em know it ain’t bout me
It’s about them, gotta let em know
If you gotta ni**a locked up let me hear you say
If you know a ni**a dead let me hear you scream
Lighters up pouring liquor out like
Pulled up on them ni**as like
Fake boy take my alazay, and my bike you gone be like
Ni**a dissing ima have that s**t out on my hand screaming like
Woah woah
She want my ho
Bank account got O’s

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Riding round with 20 bags in the trunk
But that ain’t none of my business, I got my own problems
My daddy still in the hospital
Just lost my grand mama, grand-mama grand-mama
I come from where you don’t come from
I from the slums, aka, the f**king jungle
I want that tongue if I hear yo ass mumble
Look about me, go to .com but
Looking for my white Tee
Don’t give up just because

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)

In order to get something you ain’t never got
You gotta do something you ain’t never had to do
Step out the box ni**a
But I wouldn’t expect you b**ch ass ni**as to get it
F**k with us, or get f**ked over ni**a
R.H.Q for life
Ya bi**h!