Chief Keef – Bouncin’ Lyrics

Big rubber bands, I be popping
I up this f**king pistol then I c**k it, I pop it
I talk all this s**t cause I’m bout it
You want beef? I got Criscos, we can get it popping
Call me baghead Milonakis
All I get is bags, all I get is money
Smoking big Backwoods of that funky
I pull up, get that money then I’m bouncin

(Verse 1)
I pull up hop out, I don’t pop out
I got the cops out, it’s hot out, I got Glocks out
I up this 40 Mayweather, it’s a damn knock out
Mumbles, I ain’t make it in school, Chief So was a drop out
Something something something, I forgot now
I was thinking about the guap then put my guap out
I’m Sosa Ray Charles, you can still get knocked down
It’s a parade here, all you see is Glock shells
I dress myself, b**ch I don’t need a stylist
I got my pistol just in case the violence
I think my chopper gay, I pulled him out the closet
I call my chopper ye cause he half went to college
I call my desert eagle desert Storm cause we be warring
I think my Mac wanna be a rapper, we be touring
Like Kobe, Shaq, D.Rose and Butler, we be balling
If you talking bout some millions, we be on it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I pull up, get that check then I’m in to win
I got two Glock forties, them be twenty twins
Don’t wanna f**k your bi**h, she got a sh*tty wig
Shot four out the thirty, we got twenty six
Pulled up swagging, know you seeing this
Bi**h came to my crib, you know she eating this
She can’t have her phone, hoes be leaking s**t
I’m an anti-ass ni**a, I don’t speak for s**t
Chief So got over toting llamas
I got a HK caliber, Da Forty
I wasn’t good in science but I knew my numbers
I’m balling
Ring ring, tell your bi**h stop calling

(Repeat Chorus)