Mavado – High Life (Remix) Lyrics

Mi smoke weed everyday
In America, in a JA
In a Canada, in a UK
In a Belgium, France and Spain
Jamaica have the top strain
Elevating yo brain

(Verse 1)
A the best from West that a run through mi brain
Now mi high like plane
Challis meck out a glass
Mi puff, puff, but nuh pass
Mi cut, cut up the grass
As mi wake in a morning mi puff out the last
And mi nuh care weh the cost
From a high grade send it on fast
Mi tek a flight now mi lost
Out a space mi a blast

Time fi legalize it
Roll it up and light it
Ignite it, legalize it
Jamaica will supply it
We have the highest

(Verse 2)
We love the weed and wi naw go a stray
No day
Am inlove wid Mary-J
With you I wanna stay
Pretty trees in life mi come everyday
Mi nuh waan Craven-A

Wi a live up the high life
Smoke from day till Twilight
Smoke from night till sunlight
That a my life
Mary-J that a my wife

So high, trees light
Everything nice yeah
Mi nuh know why dem fight wi

(Repeat Chorus)