Blak Ryno Done With Music, Falls Out With Justus

Blak Ryno tried to swindle his way out of a contract with JA Productions, according to the label head Justis Arison.

Rumors surfaced online this week that the dancehall star terminated his contract with Arison’s label and is now signed to a new overseas record company.

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But Justus is rubbishing the claims while explaining what took place between himself and Ryno.

“The man beg fi mi terminate him contract, and when me ask him why, him say him done with music,” Justus said. “Then few days later me hear seh him sign to a different entity, which legally is not possible. Him tek man fi fool. But the greatest thing is we completed an album and that was the goal from start. Ryno is still signed to the JA productions label until further notice. We are looking forward to the album release in the next 30 days.”

Arison is also making it clear that Blak Ryno is still signed to JA Productions and is still bind to the terms of the contract.

The label will also be dropping Ryno’s debut album this fall. The producer has also threatened to sue if Ryno violate the terms of the contract.


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  1. Damn this dude is really as dumb as the rumors suggest.