Travi$ Scott – Pornography Lyrics

(Intro – T.I.)
Nine light years away, just outside of the Kepler solar system
We find ourself consumed and utterly mesmerized
With a story of a young rebel against the system
Refusing to conform or comply to the ways of authority
He chose the mood of f**k this s**t
At that moment, the one known as Jacques turned to Scott
Chose to jump off his mama porch and lead the stampede of lost souls
In the middle of their metamorphosis, not quite through with their journey
Ain’t made it through whatever the f**k they gon be in life
But whatever it is, it’s better than here
So f**k you and f**k this

(Chorus 1)
No monogamy, ménage with me
Pornography surrounding me
You get high with me, you come down with me
That’s all I need in my fantasy
All these flashing lights
Give you some of me, you want all of me
And get high with me, and come down with me
Yeah that’s all I need in my fantasy

(Verse 1)
You remind me of my ex, crazy love
We designed our love around the drugs
We both feeling this club, we both tryna f***
I’mma rub a dub, tryna get a nut

(Repeat Chorus 1)

(Interlude 2 – T.I.)
The story of the bastard was never told
The soul of a bastard was never sold
Will he survive, or will he fold up?
Living like a bronco, lifestyle wild and untamed
Sit sip at the top, a long list of no named
Misfits can’t wait to get a chance to say f**k you to the ones that say f**k you
Tell em do ya thing, Codeine and cocaine cartels
Who leads the charge of this young mob?
La Flame he is in his head, the world is yours

(Chorus 2)
Wake up ni**a, gotta get the cake up, ni**a
Ni**as in the bushes in the farms
Might gotta got to rake up a ni**a
I’m way too antsy, cause my ambition’s too frantic
I might need to move to Atlantis, cause my mind’s too outlandish

(Verse 2)
It’s the rodeo, time to get started
Houston ni**a, going James Harden
They was wilding on us ni**as in the projects
Wonder why a ni**a went cold hearted
They wanna put my soul up on an auction
But I’mma make em take the fall like August
And they gon vote me right in on my caucus
And I’mma show these ni**as how to get lawless
Why your hands out, asking could you hold one?
Who do I owe, ni**a, no one
They bigging you up but you low down
Animated acting frozen
I got porno pics, wish I can post them
Stacking Franklins, I can’t fold em
Ni**as asking for the old him
But I’m way too young to be the old him
I’mma make this chick crack Lamar Odom
Till I climb to the top of the podium

(Repeat 2nd Chorus)

La Flame says let your ambition carry you