Shawn Storm – Life Again Lyrics

(Pre Chorus)
But you si in a life
Yo buck up pon nuff pu**y in a life
Haffi strive and fight fi survive
Crucify poverty, similar to Christ
A two raod suh meck wi meck a choice
A my life suh mi do wa feel right
Naw stop hustle and till mi see right
By bread alone man shall not live

You haffi work hard fi weh you want
In a life

As you wake a psalms you chant
In a life

Badmind wi pass remarks
In a life

And pray fi si you lost
In a life
Mi love my life
A Jah run mi life
Jah protect mi life

(Verse 1)
Mi have the blade, Jah have the handle
Him free mi up out a the tangle
Protect mi from babylon bangle
And teach mi seh life a nuh gamble
Haffi work hard fi mine Mrs Campbell
Mi mother house cyaa run off a candle
Still haffi fix the eye, oh God
And si seh mi daughter life handle

(Repeat Pre CHorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Look nuh obstacle
Life full a obstacle
Suh aim to the heavens
Light up the pinnacle
Look down pon pagan through the binnacle
Laz dem a curse, Jah grant miracle
Do the right thing and nuh do wa dem a do
Lock the rifle, yeah get the bible
Proverbs 13 verse 4 seh
Lazy people get likkle

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)