Waka Flocka Flame – Workin Lyrics

(Chorus 2X)
I been working ni**a
Cocaina, she be flirting ni**a
I back my Rari out the driveway
500 pounds, 200 squares, John Gotti

(Verse 1)
Pu**y ass ni**a you ain’t never jug
I’m a real Piru, ask Big Suge
I’m a real trapper, ask Victor Hill
For the thrill, I pop a pill, shoot at the ops to catch a kill
I’m Waka Flocka, ni**a
Kill a family member, shawty El Chapo ni**a
Throw your sets in the air for my blockas ni**a
Two shots of the….that go Flocka ni**a
I’m on the block my ni**a
Where the youngins going crazy, shooting cops my ni**a
Red, blue, white flags like a Haitian killer
I will never back down, I’m from Clayco ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A lot of rappers start trapping it’s like recess
Real jet boy I snatch the chain off your neck
Set the game for you ni**as, that’s a preset
Elm Street, Dirt Gang ni**a that’s the G set
I’m like Meech, my ni**a
Bricksquad live off loyalty, f*** you ni**as
Waka Flocka name still good in these streets
Five thousand shooters ni**a, you ain’t hard to reach
When it come to killers, got a fleet my ni**a
Pull a chopper out, holes in your fleece my ni**a
I know you thinking to yourself I’m a beast, my ni**a
Hundred shootouts, we ain’t never faced defeat, my ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Check his background, he ain’t who he say he is
Acting hard to them youngins, come shoot up your sh*t
Boy I must admit a lot of rap
Early in the morning and my dog baking cookies
John Gotti
Wish he try me, cross the line, you a body ni**a
Go against Waka Flocka, kamikaze
Hands like I’m Ali, south side where you find me
Heard they trying to take me off the streets, my ni**a
Pu*** ni**as snitching, talking to police my ni**a
Now the feds tryna kick in my front door
I got lawyer fees, burn money, case closed..Flocka

(Repeat Chorus)

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