Scarface – God feat. John Legend Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Scarface)
If I had to play God for a day I would open up the gates let the world see my face
Remove all doubt from the ones without the faith
And put them on the path of the straight
A safe place, for the young to come out if they want to play
I let their mommas know that they ok
And when y’all pray, I’ll respond so you can all see a sign
And answer every pray one at a time
If I’m God huh
All the stabbings all the war would come to cease
My whole entire hood would be at peace
No more beef
And you could sleep without the fears of being woke
By the sounds of sirens, screams of people being smoked
No more dope you don’t need it
You’ll be cured of all diseases
Your whole entire life would be deleted
Please forgive me I’ve been dreaming
And rudely interrupted by the demons
Laughed at the picture I was seeing on the ceiling

(Chorus – John Legend)
Who listens when we pray
Who pulls the strings of the world as we struggle today
Will you show your face
I don’t want to wait wait, wait til I die
Wait wait, wait for my eyes to close
Smile on your own child’s nose
God has a face

(Verse 2 – Scarface)
Just imagine if the devil had a day
And God had took a break and walked away
Would you feel safe?
If everything you loved turned into hate
Will the dark angel’s evil show you grace
Only to be eaten by a snake
One life one mistake
Be careful of the choices that you make
Cause one day you’ll be standing on your feet and then the next
You’re underneath the sheet greeting death
I wonder when I sleep is he there sitting on my chest, stealing breath
Shortening my days even less
More souls never rest
A killer walks the streets seeking flesh
A adolescent hangs she depressed
A priest who confessed
A judged typing a ni**a in a text
Your honor what the f**k did you expect
A father kills his son look at life it’s a mess
Just imagine what would happen if the lord up and left

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Scarface)
When all that you believed in was a lie
Are you willing to accept it when you find out
Or try to reason with yourself that’s what it is when it’s not
And all the whole while it’s been a plot
To poison our minds and leave us blind to the fact
That they keep us in the dark know they act
We react all surprised and not realize that
This sh*t a trap
Thought religion was the answer but the answer wasn’t that
The church and these politics they all full of crap
It’s a shame but that’s how were blaming it’s for the scratch
So I don’t knock I’m tryna to put a black card in my wallet
But some dollars in my pocket ain’t the topic
Y’all need to stop it
This is just crazy these little babies ticking time bombs
Walking around the lunchroom pulling guns
If momma and daddy took the time to raise their son
Then the sister wouldn’t be the mom before she twenty-one huh

(Repeat Chorus)