K Camp – Till I Die (Audio) ft. T.I. Lyrics

(Bridge – K Camp)
All my ni**as get reckless, I got your range on my necklace
She keep calling for seconds, between her legs is a blessing
Might just fly out to Texas and stack it up just like Tetris
Spare my heart in these sessions, I let it go learn my lesson

(Chorus – T.I.)
And know we all bout the bankroll
But got a cuff for every color of the rainbow
Look at all the going back and forth with a dirty bi**h
I shoot that hoe with the .44 I’m riding dirty with
Counting money blowing weed in the back, in the back
Hundred K, two or three in the sack
And all we know is double up and stay fly
And run that check up, be a hustler till I die

(Verse 1 – K Camp)
Okay now bang, bang, only thing a young ni**a stack
Ni**as ain’t tryna get racks, they rather sit on their ass
Ni**a what the f**k is that
Ni**a that’s some…sire know I want a mill
P code just to kill, introduce you to the real
Rememeber them nights I was dead ass broke, while I still had a milly on my mind
Still had dreams I would get it, still had dreams I would win ain’t never waste no time
This that trap music, urban legend
Bi**h I’m a urban legend, carry ’round a Smith N Wesson
Case a ni**a wanna test it
F**k it man, motivate all my ni**as, I’ma stack this sh*t up with my team
Went for rag to riches now I keep them bankrolls in my jeans
Drag racing on some peace treaties, that’s some sh*t you’d never see
Now I’m here with the king

(Repeat Chorus)