Dr. Dre – Issues ft. Ice Cube & Anderson Paak Lyrics

(Intro – Anderson Paak)
From close range we official
Cocaine, money and pistols
Goddammit I got issues
Can’t be serious, alright now here we go
Where my city at?
F**k with me, come on
I know you’re feeling that
F**k with me, come on
You know I’m really that
F**k with me, come on
Come on, come on
Don’t even act like I ain’t about my business
Mothaf**ka come on
Come on, come on
Full clip, ammunition
You don’t wanna deal with these f**king consequences

(Verse 1 – Ice Cube)
F**kboys should tighten up a whole lot
I got some ni**as with me down for running up in your spot
And these ni**as got hatchets and ratchets
Some of them lethals up under the mattress
And matter of fact this is a chance to show my lifestyle out to the masses
But chances are I might get another negative reaction
Think I’m a fraction, but I f**ks em up like battery acid
I gives a f**k what you think, ni**a? This is my passion
Survive through the time, you know my name, you know my reputation
You know what it is, I don’t need to give no explanation
When you say my f**king name, add exclamation
Los Angeles king now, make your bi**h bring crowns
To me and Dre, you don’t like it, you can lay
Think I’m quiet cause I’m acting, but my bank account gon say
F**k you! Respected from SoCal out to the Bay
Cashed a lot of checks this morning, guess today was a good day

Now I lay me down
And wake up to gunshots in this crazy town
Good morning
And the sleepers’ll join the fallen

(Verse 2 – Dr. Dre)
But this is what the f**k is up, doing this for my city
Comp town, Hub, this my f**king committee
Shout out to Dub C, real ni**a be with me
C’Walking on these ni**as with a crease in them D*ckies
You know how many nights I heard them sparks echo in the park?
Around this time I was spinning records at Eve After Dark
My city crazy, school girls used to play with that chalk
Same chalk police used to outline ni**as we lost
You understand what I’m saying? S**t is crazy, man
F**k the money, yo this s**t could never change me, man
These new ni**as in this bi**h could never phase me, man
I know it’s strange but on some real s**t it’s plain as day
I’m just having some f**king fun with this rap sh*t
Ni**a with an attitude, still getting active
Man this industry to me, it feels a little plastic
I ain’t heard nothing that I can consider classic
But this is for my ni**as who been running with me
And everybody in this bi**h that’s out there gunning for me
And I got love for my people that stay one hundred with me
I’ma keep it A1, been that way since day one

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Dr. Dre)
Drama make the city happy
All I think about is making classics
Classics for the masses
This how you make classic

(Outro – Dem Jointz)
This is where I leave you
Carry you
In the city of Compton
This is where I leave you
Carry you
Down the Pacific Coast
This is where I leave you
And all your issues