Dr. Dre – Genocide (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius & Candice Pillay) Lyrics

(Chorus – Marsha Ambrosius)
Stone cold killers in these Compton streets
One hand on the 9, all eyes on me
Murder, murder
Murder, murder
Call 9-1-1, emergency
Hands up in the air for the world to see
It’s murder, it’s murder
Murder, murder

(Verse 1 – Candice Pillay)
My dada done killed a bi**h
Bullet or the dome to her head
My daddy done kill a youth
Don’t feel a pull a part that man and
Let me up! What it look like?
See my daddy done kill em dead
Bullets come down from the earth
My daddy done killa you
Don’t feel a pull a part that man and
Let me up! What it look?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Dr. Dre)
It’s been a 187 in this bi**h!
Murder this, murder listen, hit a suburban whipping
Tinted windows ride at your wifey and I bet you miss her
Reload the protools and we throw the clip in both trays
That’s one on the left and one in the right hand, Scottie Pippen both ways
Been doing drive-bys, got this music industry timelined
Looking like Rosecrans when these ni**as throw up them signs high
I’m talking about that bottom where it’s high crimes
S**t, I’m just tryna get paid and keep em thighs high
Sometimes I feel like I could just bury em, bury em
Cause delirium, mass hysteria, scarier area
I’m very aware that hip hop needed something to carry it
So I married that bi**h and swung down in that chariot
Hanging way too f**king close, beware the barrier
This is hub city ni**a, don’t make us embarrass you
Man, you should be realistic, these ni**as round here ballistic
We did the numbers and you looking like another statistic

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Kendrick Lamar)
Ahh, recognize whatever side the sides reside until the dead has risen
Live in a project building, dodging the module ceilings
I ride, I’mma ride in a stolen jeep
Ride with the eyes of five blind men, my vision Corrupted
Mama tried counseling, five plans for Kendrick but f**k it
My family’s ties, had sabotaged Rosecrans existence abducted
My aliens on surveillance, they paid me a visit Disgusting
Our stadium’s packed, raiders in black
Curls dripping, silver bullet, palladium in my strap
I lie on the side of a one way street
Nowhere to go, death all I can see
I say f**k is up?, I f**k em up, your supper’s up or somethings up
I hoping all get orthotist, rope it before the double dutch broke
Plenty ruckus with the weapon I protect it under oath
My discretion, f**k your blessing, f**k your life
F**k your hope, f**k your mama
F**k your daddy, f**k you dead homie
F**k the world up when we came up, that’s Compton homie!

Murder, murder
It’s all murder

Murder, murder
Murder, murder
It’s been a murder
It’s been a 187 in this bi**h!