VYBZ KARTEL Video Footage of Dancehall Artist Leaving Hospital Back To Prison

Vybz Kartel was taken to a hospital in Kingston last month for an unknown illness.

Video footage showing the dancehall artist being escorted from the hospital with a heavy police detail.

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Sources close to the self-proclaimed World Boss told us that he is now fully recovered from the mystery illness.

“Addi is feeling much better now because it was just a minor illness,” sources said.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer is currently serving a life sentence for murder. He is just over a year into his sentence and will be eligible for parole in 35 years when he is in his 70s.

His protege Shawn Storm, who was also convicted, is also serving a life sentence.

Vybz Kartel before prison photos


  1. Khalid Henriques

    Gaza fi life…gaza in death

  2. What a sad predicament

  3. What a disgusting video. It was sickening watching kartel fans worship a convicted murderer. They have &#8355uckin’ no morals.

    • They convicted him of murder because that’s what the system wanted for the longest time, to lock up the voice of the jamaican ghetto, the voice of the people, he is the most popular dancehall artist in Jamaica today and will continue to be that, the amount of so called “evidence” that was tampered with, they used people that are working for jamaica military as well as a wife of a cop to be a juror … how much sense does it make that they planned an after party before any decisions were even made ? How much sense does it make that they were going to hand down a guilty verdict anyway ? Corrupt as people I tell ya..m

      • Ahhh! The voice of the Jamaican ghetto was convicted of murdering a ghetto youth over two guns. That makes him an idiot in my books.

        It is exactly because he was the voice of the Jamaican ghetto and not the brains of the Jamaican ghetto that he now sits in prison. His first mistake was to talk about murder over a cellphone. His second mistake was involving people he couldn’t trust to carry out the murder. His third and most fatal mistake was getting caught bribing a juror.

        I used to post here often, but I can no longer condone posting on UI while they have Kartel propped up on their shoulders carrying him around like he’s some sort of Jamaican hero. Nowhere else on the net is Kartel more promoted than here at UI.

        &#x46&#x55&#x43&#x4b Kartel and most of all &#x46&#x55&#x43&#x4b UI for giving a convicted murderer a platform to promote his prison music

    • fyah pan you forever buttu.

  4. Man he was so happy when the fans came to say hello. Hol’ ur head worl’boss

    • Rumor has it that the “worl’boss” has contracted a highly virulent strain of the HIV. How do you suppose he came in contact with that virus??

      • I guess even the fittest of the fittest of Jamaica’s ghetto youth can’t resist Babylon’s promise of power, money and respect.
        Somebody should have told Adidja about the cost of selling one’s soul. I betcha he knows now!

      • Yeah I’m sure he reading your comment, shaking his head and wondering why he didn’t read comments more

      • Wait…you mean to tell me that kartel missed the Ghostrider movies, Spawn, and Solomon Kane??!

        *wry smirk*

        Look, your boy tried to rule over people using his money and influence and failed miserably at it.
        Prison, or the grave is where the likes of him belong. Jamaica is better off with him in prison than him on the outside killing more Jamaicans, or don’t cha think the lives of Jamaicans are worth protecting?
        Just askin’

      • Not my job in life to judge another man. Leave that to Jah. I just like his music and many of his tunes teach me positive things. Take that for what u want.

      • Well, it’s a good thing we live in a World where men judge men and can mete out long prison terms to the worst of the worst offenders. Personally, I would hate to live in a World where it is up to a fictional sky-dwelling deity to decide what punishment a murderer should suffer.
        I find it ironic and hypocritical at the same time that you find knowledge within the words of kartel tunes. Prior to kartel being sentenced to 35 years he was saying prayers to the Devil. Now that he finds himself in a literal Hell on Earth…now is when he decides to switch sides. I guess that Devil worship thing wasn’t working out for him.

        Since we got that out of the way, back to question you failed to answer. Do you believe the lives of Jamaicans are worth protecting?

      • You have no proof of your cowshite comment and Jamaica better of with him in prison!!!! NO I don’t think so you dutty Buttu fassyhole.