Aidonia Stands By Vybz Kartel Statement .. Insist He Is On Same Level

Aidonia is not backing down from a controversial statement that he made about being on Vybz Kartel’s level in dancehall.

Earlier this month, the dancehall star caught some heat from Vybz Kartel fans when he drew a comparison between himself and the incarcerated deejay.

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“I am right there… Remember Kartel thing went south its we and Kartel start fall back and bring back his thing, so from you say Kartel you have to say Aidonia… who do they say are two of the baddest lyricists?” Donia said during an interview with Anthony Miller of ER.

The JOP head says that he is standing firm behind that statement despite the backlash.

“We are youths that talk the truth and at times I see where Aidonia get treated unfairly so I am just standing up for myself, and stand up for my career and my things,” the deejay said while stating that for the 10 years of his career he has consistently has an hit song every year.


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  2. he is entitled to his own opinion. But outside of his opinion of himself, he will never be on Kartels level.