Khago – Pray Lyrics

To God why mi pray
Every night, everyday
Thank you from the clay
Weh some bwoy lost dem way

To God why mi pray
Every night, everyday
Pagans waan mi slay

(Verse 1)
Dem give in to hennessy
Suh dem fall fi everything
Dem in too deep from dem turn dem back
Dem fall fi the pagan trap

Naw do nothing fi the most high get miserable
No Sky, for man a rebel
Sun a shine that mean Jah nuh dead no way
Fi dem mi a pray same way
Star come out in a night and a glistle same way
Hennessy a wait pon the day

Fi all who a fight me
A seh dem nuh like me
Caw dem donèt know better

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The soldier fi the microchips
Caw dem waan meck mi in a chips
Dem never stay suh, how dem a play suh?
Fi wear the latest kicks
Yo cyaa look in a the mirror
A wa that weh you do fi get the Audi
And mi nuh follow back a man mi a yaardy
mi a Selassie High guardy

(Repeat Chorus)