Chief Keef – Superheroes Ft. A$AP Rocky Lyrics

(Chorus – Chief Keef)
By myself cause these ni**as yes men
Bi**h I’m Almighty Sosa Batman
Know I got my Smith & Wesson
That be my illegal weapon
I’m off this Earth I feel like Superman
C**ky like He-Man, cut like Wolverine
Come through yo block like Green Gobling
Wetting s**t up Spiderman

(Verse 1 – Chief Keef)
Come through your block, ay
Like Batman with a Glock, ay
Red beams on the gun bi**h, Cyclops, ay
Wonder Woman, I name my watch, ay
I got my heat, I feel like He-Man
Bought sandman to the beach so bi**h I’m Seaman, ay
I got a cold from all this ice man, ay
Don’t make me flash my f**king pipe man, ay
I’m Spiderman, my oh got killed off white man
Come through your block, Star Wars with the shots
Daredevil with a cane cause I’m shooting like I’m blind, ay
Smoking Liu Kang kush, Sub Zero, the whole nine, ay
Now I’m feeling like I’m Walking Dead bi**h, Sosa Rick Grimes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – A$AP Rocky)
Flacko order quarter coke straight from Sosa man
That’s that soda, eyes the color of Coca Cola cans
Green like Cloverland, everyday I’m blowing grams
Everything is purple, yes I am the Joker then
Life’s a game of poker, tell that ni**a show your hand
I’m pulling cards, I think it’s time you ni**as fold again
Told you soldiers with the scope I show attack
Told you, blow you, John Doe you then
Now nobody know the man, damn
From ripping the Benz
Flipping the rims, flipping a fifth to a gram
Now I get in advance, I’m rich again
Switching more bi**hes in France
We ain’t raping hoes, or we out here cooking, stealing
You Captain Save a hoe, ni**a I’m the pu**y villain
Spiderman, Peter Parker, I’m like Peter Pan
Treat my ops like Cyclops if I see the man
Wolverine in skinny jeans, diamonds Billy Jean
They tap dance, the Batman is a black man

(Repeat Chorus)