Vybz Kartel – Pound Of Rice Lyrics

(Verse 1)
One stop drive let mi off
You nuh si seh you a move too bloodclaat fast?
Stop in a the bar buy a Shrups and a floss
Sanitary cup, mi nuh trust glass
Pure gyal a pass and a seh worldboss
Dem a seh dem waan turn mi un a, a breakfast
Style so sick unuh fi go fi redcross
Lui V T’s and mi Levis shorts
Mi si yo through bulgari eye glass
Man a war fi yo body mine squaddy life lost
Ride pon mi toll road, Addi by pass
And you naw stop a toll boat you a fly pass
Shawn Storm in a the
Take weh a bwoy gyal quicker than fast
Come in a mi classroom in a the S class
Whine up like the window yo never exhaust

Pound a rice, and pound a chicken back
Pound a rice, and pound a chicken back
Pound a rice, and pound a chicken back
Yeah, a mi thing that

Love the dumpling wid the chicken back
Love the white rice wid the chicken back
Love the bread back wid the chicken back
Yeah a mi thing that

(Verse 2)
One stop drive let mi out
Mi a go a gaza
Link up yanique, shi seh blinger drive out
Call Blinger phone, pick mi up now
Mi a go a Boston, hold a endz out
Bare man a circle dozer deh bout
Bare gyal a circle, Scarchy deh bout
Wa a gwaan Teacher? Mi get a shout out
Mi brother don copping nuh grow, nuh go scout
Real soldier a Gaza mi camp out
Big up the youth dem weh dem hear bout
500 thousand the don a share out
Is a party , the radio a blaze out
Shawn Chablanks speaker a tear out
Him aplay music weh everybody care bout
Everybody got a red cup a go a their mouth

(Repeat Chorus)