Fetty Wap – I Wonder Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder, how keep on blowing up
A little weed, blowing that O now
You smell the loud, that’s my cologne, yeah baby
Sometimes I wonder, where these ni**as going wrong
I’m a young ass ni**a, but I could buy your bi**h a home, yeah baby

(Verse 1)
I ball hard like a ni**a hoop baby
Hear the engine that’s a f**king coupe baby
When I shoot all you hear is shoot baby
Zoo Gang, Zoovie, I’m the truth baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Jugging enough, finessing yeaah
Hundred bands all in my dresser, yeaah
Try to check it, I’ll teach you a lesson, yeaah
Zoo Gang, God bless me, yeaah
17 that’s my religion, yeaah
Zoovie Jordan peep this pimping, yeaah
Teach him something, ni**a missing, yeaah
I be going in like I’m gifted, yeaah baby

Yeaah baby, Yeaah baby, Yeaah baby aye aye
Yeaah aye, Yeaah aye, Yeaah, Yeaah