Shawn Storm – Money Nuh War Lyrics

A money we waan no war
Wi naw watch some people weh a study evil
Drive our own a car

Nuh bother hustle wid the eagle
Low certain vehicle
All ghetto youths yo know wi done bad
Money wi fi pree, nuh turn no gunbad

Dead, mi nuh ready fi Maddens dress mi
Look how mi gyal dem sexy

(Verse 1)
Hey, yeah meck mi start the verse
Give thanks fi life things could be worst
A next day in a the street wi a hustle
Fi food fi the pot, money in a the purse

Full up mi bank book
Money fi mi nurse
When mi sick buy mi own a nurse
Money fi mi friends dem, money fi mi girls
Mi wi gwaan live mi nuh waan si the hearse

Yeah, money paw mi mind as mi wake up
Yeah, money a the cream, mi a the grape nut
Conceps, Clarks and straight cut
And fi mi girl face money fi the make up
Dem seh manners bring you round the world
But a money do that fi me

Money meck you get any kind a gir
Suh nuh bring no badness to me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey, money wi waan paper coin down
Some man a waste time and a shine gun
Mi wi do anything fi get it
But mi naw turn back way an mi not lying down
When wi work nuh rob wi bring mine come
Mi have 3 daughter, bout 9 sons
Dem fi feed, suh money set speed
Wi cyaa live off a bag juice and dry bun
Suh mi put mi muscel to the hustle
In a Corination market mi a bustle
Every mickle meck a muckle
Suh mi shuffle fi mi knuckle
Bankbook fi high like a space shuckle
Damian tell dem the topic
Money wi a pree a the topic
Suh if you si mi wid a nap-stock or a scandal bag
Or a duffle, a duffle

(Repeat Chorus)