Meek Mill Drop Long Awaited Drake Diss Song “Wanna Know”

Meek Mill has finally responded to Drake diss with a song of his own titled “Wanna Know.”

Drake had to drop two diss songs before getting a response from Meek Mill. After a week of getting roasted on Twitter the Philly rapper responded with the below single which was premiered by Funkmaster Flex.

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Check out some of the lyrics for the track.

“I just wanna know how ni***s going to jail / Telling on us ni***s, coming back home and still being cool / I just wanna know how a ni**a on instagram with 50 thousand followers / Ain’t got no money in real life /Still popping, I just wanna know,” Meek said in the intro.

Listen to Meek Mill response to Drake “Wanna Know” below.

The Dreamchasers emcee also reference that infamous club brawl with Chris Brown at LIV nightclub in New York in 2012. He also touched on the hot topic of Drake using a ghost writer name Quentin Miller.

“Now when that sh** went down with Chris, you wrote a check / In New Orleans with my chain I get respect, you a fraud / So what that tell me? You a p**** and a fan / Said they run with you we the shooters at your neck / I just wanna know, if you ain’t write that running through the six sh** / Tell us who the f*** Quentin out here running through the six with?” he rap.

Meek also made a few Nicki Minaj references on the diss track but still didn’t get much love from Twitter with a lot of fans outright calling the song trash.

Now that Meek Mill has started the process of digging himself out of that 2-0 deficit, do you think he can win this rap beef with Drake?

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  1. Song is trash Meek go back in the studio you idiot. You let Drake drop two songs before you drop one and this is the garbage you come with.