Future – Real Sisters Lyrics

(Intro – Future)
This that new wave
Future Hendrix
Oh that’s your best s**t

(Chorus – Future)
Say you getting throwed, I’m tryna pour up with you
Oh, that’s your best friend? I’m tryna f**k her with you
First met the bi**h, they said they real sisters
I don’t give a f**k if they was real sisters
F**k around with me, you tryna dodge bullets
Serving packs of chickens in a Dodge Hemi
F**k around with me, you tryna dodge bullets
F**k around with me, I f**k twin sisters

(Verse 1 – Future)
Whipping up a key, tryna dodge prison
Trapping in the street, in some Margiela’s
Players turn to fiends with that Godzilla
Sell that heroin in the trap, I’m a dog, ni**a
Black Migo Gang, got them bales on us
Way before the fame, I had a bale on me
20,000 off a juug, ain’t got a scale on me
Real shooters, they’ll sit in jail for me
Kill the judge, ni**a, before they tell on me
And f**k the plug, ni**a, I’m tryna take something
Finesse’d em out that cash, say he raped something
I’m in Lil Mexico, we bout to take something

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Future)
Hublot on a ni**a, so she down for me
Standing on the stage with them rounds on me
I sell a lot of chickens and I’m innocent
I’m riding with that white, dodging penitentiary
Middle fingers always to the popo
I done fell in love with the Lambo
I been taking Molly, rocking Tommy
Tom Ford, ni**a, walking like a zombie
Standing in the trenches screaming, murder
You need to take that ni**a off and try to serve em
She got Chanel dripping off her, I’m bout to murk her
And I can tell the way she talk, that bi**h thirsty

(Repeat Chorus)