Rihanna And Karim Benzema Cheating Rumors Bogus .. Karrueche Rivalry Reignited

Karim Benzema is cheating on Rihanna with none other than Karrueche Tran. But turns out that is all speculations and no facts.

Urban Islandz highly placed source close to the Bajan pop star told us that she and the Real Madrid stud are just friends and the cheating reports are bogus to say the least.

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“It’s very clear that some folks are trying to create some sort of controversy out of nothing. RiRi and Karim are just friends and does not have any form of intimate relationship,” a source insisted.

“I can bet that that girl Karrueche don’t even know who Benzema is or even like soccer,” sources said. “I just think that they are doing the most since RiRi and Karrueche both have a history. But that’s old news, its time to move on people.”

Last week social media was buzzing about a possible reignition of the fierce rivalry between Karrueche Tran and Rihanna after the actress/model was spotted partying at the same club as Benzema. They both arrived and left the party separately so that was not enough to confirm anything. Could just be mere coincidence.

Rihanna Benzema dating

The report claimed that Rihanna and Benzema are in a committed relationship but he has Karrueche as his secret side chick.

The “FourFiveSeconds” singer and Tran does have a history after being in a very public love triangle with Chris Brown. Both women have since split with the R&B singer and are trying to move on with their lives.

Still it’s no secret that Brown want to get back together with either of these beauty.

Rihanna and the French football player sparked dating rumors in June when they were spotted together on several occasions partying or dining at their favourite restaurants in New York and Los Angeles.

Two separate sources confirmed with us that they are just friends at least for now. She is a huge soccer fan and he is a big fan of her music. “They both like each other and are both fans of each other, RiRi is a huge soccer fan and he is a big fan of her music,” source said.

Perhaps Chris Brown has something to say about this rumor.

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  1. i cant believe that this is news rofl! i wonder if we documented our own lives if it would be that interesting to hear. “2 urban island site visitors were spotted at the same club” lmao! & i wonder what comments about me would be like

  2. I hope riri finds the love of her life.

  3. Karen Belisle Torres

    U are so right riri is too good for tran….

  4. So desperate to hang on to what little ‘celebrity’ status she has left that do/say anything…just stop already…?????

    • Hope u r referring to Tran as Riri don’t need to create publicity. ..she is a big star in her own rights unlike Tranny.

      • Oh yes definitely Ms Tran. Considering she was the one who is telling everyone within earshot that she’s done with Brown and moved on…she seems to have this incessant need to get into any conversation about him/RiRi adding her 2 cents, just so it keeps her in the public eye because no-one is interested in her without Brown…

        She will always be known as Brown’s 2nd best rebound girl not something I would be proud of… Maybe if she stopped talking about him she might actually be quite a nice young lady…