Chris Brown Meltdown On Instagram Post Robbery “The Devil Ruining Me”

Chris Brown appears to be having a meltdown and he is venting via Instagram with the support of his 12 million fans.

The “Ayo” singer took to IG on Tuesday to air himself out. This is the first time the he is saying anything since his home invasion robbery last week.

In the caption of a photo he posted, Brown talk about the devil constantly trying to ruin his life but he just want to focus on making good music and being and great father to his daughter Royalty.

“When u tired of the f****** devil ruining your life and u hear God speak for the first time. No one knows what I deal with on a day to day. The average man wouldn’t hesitate to blow his f****** brains out but that’s the cowards way out… Most won’t understand the genius and beauty in change and learning and the people who have devilish intentions will win in the short term. My soul will always be pure of heart. What’s on the surface always looks like one big party but inside there is a little boy looking for help and guidance. People say “be a man”. Yeah, that’s right but it doesn’t take away any pain you really go through. I just wanna stay out the way and do music. Most importantly and great father. I don’t have any more patience for anything that will cause me to self destruct!!”

Just a few days ago Chris Brown posted an adorable photo of his daughter.


A photo posted by @chrisbrownofficial on

Earlier this month, four armed men forced their way into the R&B singer’s new home in California. The robbers held a gun to his aunt’s face and forced her into a closet while they turned his place upside down and stole cash and electronics.

Brown was hosting a party at a club while the robbery was going down.


  1. Men will fail and deceive,
    you but god never will

  2. Chris the lord loves you…be strong and pray

  3. Chris your going to fine turn to the lord that loves u so much and stay away frm the demons

  4. He’s next on the list i see, it wont be easy getting out…. only some will understand what he’s really talking about tho… THE GUILT IS REAL!

  5. U can’t turst anyone,not even Karrueche.

  6. Chris its okay to seek professional help because this is why God has given these people the guidance to listen to help others and to let you speak openly about you. Because its about you and your feelings. Chris God loves you and the devil is just a hater. The devil is just a nobody trying to be somebody but he really is just a fool and God will always cover you. As long as you ask God help and most of all you must have faith in his word. Say to yourself I am a child of God and no weapon will prosper to destroy me.

  7. Chris sometimes God reaches out to us if something is going on in our lives to give it to him and he will help us. You have to stand before the devil and tell him not today you messing with the wrong one. Chris sometimes we have to go through something to make us stronger. Don’t you dare think weak because that’s what the devil want to do. You must remember everyone isn’t your friend and now you have to change your surrounding of people you associate with. Keep your home life private and what you have. Your life is about your daughter and your music. Sometimes Chris its good to get involved with the community such as serving God as being a good Samaritan. Chris you are a bright and intelligent young man and don’t let the devil play on your mind.

  8. gwan hold di faith, but clean up yuhself yute

  9. Smerala Berrios

    You are the preferred son of God because you never do wrong, so happy for you

  10. THS MAN IS DIAGNOSED BIPOLAR AND PTSD. But yet, we ignore that part because it’s so easy to hate a guy for hitting for his gf and getting into fights with gay singers.

    • Smerala Berrios

      You are the perfect creature, never do wrong, that’s all good, maybe it will be your turn to be bad and nobody will know ah I forgot you’re not a celebrity

    • I don’t understand why people still don’t believe mental illness is real.

    • I mean I’m diagnosed bipolar and PTSD and intermittent explosive disorder…. He has to find coping skills that work for him medication ain’t for everybody… And depression will destroy him

      • True words

      • Ashley Keep you head up and stay strung, I have family member with the same as you and everyday is a struggle. I could be anything thing that sent this person over the edge, hope you have a lot os love and support around you. Stay Bless

      • I don’t need anybody honestly society won’t understand I won’t make them I stopped suffering years ago. I don’t allow my diagnosis define me.. Notice I used diagnosis not disability or disorder because I don’t allow them to disable me or disorder my life. He has to simply find what works for him. Having people for support helps most but not all… He has to figure out his coping skill and treatment options with a doctor or psychiatric professional

      • I struggle with my depression. I think it’s hard for people to understand things when they don’t go through them.

    • He made mistake get over it move on.. It yesterday news. We do things in life we regards. It call being human, she as moved on with her life. You could clearly see they are friends still….

  11. Chris Brown should change his life. get read of all those wast ni**as around you and focus on music and Royalty.