QUEEN IFRICA .. Gays Love My Music

Queen Ifrica is often controversial about the topics she sings about and has in the past received some bashing for her anti-gay lyrics.

But now the reggae songstress is saying that the gay community love her music despite the touchy lyrical content.

“I have worked extensively with people from the gay community since I did Daddy Don’t Touch Me There,” she said. “Some of them, their fathers were the ones responsible for breaking them into that lifestyle.”

Ifrica also said that she is proud of herself for being bold for tackling those touchy topics in her music.

“I feel proud of myself that I am able to stand in a time where it is taboo and clich√© to speak the truth about anything that has to do with self-development and self- awareness,” she added.

Queen Ifrica get some backlash from the gay community and some corporate companies during her performance at the 2013 Independence Grand Gala in Kingston. But she is saying that was a moment of spirituality for her.

“What happened at the Grand Gala was something that was suppose to happen at that moment of spirituality and spiritual awareness, so that people could understand that we don’t live in a world where we can just go about and do what you want anymore,” Ifrica said. “We are censored, we are under scrutiny, there are elements among us who want to be gods and think that they are the ones who raise the sun in the morning and fall the rain so people are being more and more afraid.”