Gage – Wha Du Dem Lyrics

(Listen Chorus)

(Verse 1)
Shoot out done
Me a the pebbles out a mi flesh
6 pants just turn a pu**y in a mesh
Police pull up but mi naw tek arrest
A the same 6 pants roast squaddy in a him vest
Four through him chest, more through him neck
Squaddy head drop pon the f**king headrest
Release the empty clip, shrub in the next
And then stand up pon the crime scene like f**k who is next
The A.D.D.E.S.T. nuh the baddest
Simple S.T.D. weh badder than all the average
Mi have the place a way, but the scale cannot manage
And every man a ketchup and a ketchup
Then a who athe sausage?
Man a forest fire, dem a matches
You nuh know Grands Pen if you nuh know Savage
And if you pass danger, you si after the danger
Member a bloodclaat damage

(Re Listen Chorus)

(Verse 2)
It’s like a bag a talking
Never do no walking
Pu**Y hole yo links dem could a big like St. Martin
And a very often, mi hear a bag a talking
And bright light reach the one that was exalting
Copper caught him, one somersault him
Broad beam yo get out a the big chrome brought in
And somebody tell da bag a rice deh
Every grain in a that a get nam wid salting

(Re Listen Chorus)