Mavado – True Lyrics

Money cyaa buy life
Money cyaa buy health
Money cyaa buy respect
You haffi know real wealth

Nuff a dem fall because dme too hype
And dem waan pick the fruits and the fruits never ripe
God a you turn the day in a night
And a you fight all a mi fight
Man a run through struggle wid all a mi might

(Verse 1)
You nuh si a nothing wi a come from
Ghetto youth a one wi a count from

Yeah wi proud weh wi come from
And wi could a never watch dem assumption
Nothing nuh come easy
Wi fight fi everything
And yes I’ve seeing the rising and the fall of many king
So when mi wake up a Jah mi gi the glory
And mi survive the real ghetto story
Never meck rich life control mi
If mi fall heaven angels hold mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi reminiscing pon the past time
Mi use to buy a slice a bread wid mi last dine
Bare foot a go a school when a class time
Never know mi would a be the man wid the boss dine
Mi drink yes, and mi floss mine
But mi never put mi hat weh it cyaa find
Mi dash a fire in a the last line
Cause am on the rock, the pinnacle dem cyaa find

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1 4 first lines)