Lil Wayne – White Girl feat. Jeezy Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Lil Wayne)
Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
Boy, cuz my ni**as is running salons
Just to shoot up baby moms
Boy, trap house jump out the gym, trap house jump like LeBron
It’s 22-5 for the B, and 11-5 for the Solange
Call a 16 Montana, a 8 a Steve Young, and 4 a Brett Favre
My plug name is Hector
But back in his country they call him Hector
She strip everyday but Sunday cuz she still make time for the lord
Got a red dot on top your head, like I got your ass on record
Tune don’t be so cruel, Tune don’t be so rude
Nah, f**k that, f**k these lil ni**as, f**k these lil dudes
By the gavel or the gun ni**a
I be creeping like the shadow in the sun ni**a
Be more careful how you pick and choose your words boy
Cuz I’ll have you playing scrabble with your tongue ni**a
I’m Mick Jagger as a young ni**a
Pouring pink panther in a punch ni**a
Think faster than these dumb ni**as
We serial killers, you can get your captain crunch n**a
Hey, its Lil Wayne ni**a
I been this s**t since Lil Zane ni**a
Tell the cops I ain’t no name giver
Icicles on my finger from cocaine blizzards
Hey, its Lil Wayne ni**a
I’m in the building bout to hang pictures
I’m a ruler, its a game of interest
Tryna make a mil
And make a meal
In the same kitchen

(Pre Chorus – Lil Wayne)
Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
Cuz all my ni**as ex cons, and we’ll go right back like the spine
Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
It’s 22-5 for the B, and 11-5 for the Solange
Please back it up one more time, girl
You act shady and I’ll put this d**k where the sun don’t shine

(Chorus – Lil Wayne)
Girl, girl, I got that white, girl
Girl, girl, I got that white, girl
I got that white, that blonde haired blue eyes
I’m selling, I’m selling, hurry up and buy
Hurry up and buy

(Verse 2 – Jeezy)
Cocaine Mulsanne
Blow em back, do it fore I switch lanes
Four clips, two things
Pardon me I’m bout to switch chains
Bag full of rocks, I’mma rockstar
By my first block I’mma blockstar
I loaned everything on the road ni**a
Only thing I ain’t drove is a cop car
Mr. All Black is back
And you know the floor hard, ni**a cook crack
You mean the floor hard like cooked crack?
Damn right cuz I used to cook crack
Aye, 46 for the 28, 14 for the 18
See them hitters in that black van
Gold chains and a chopper like the A-Team
Nowadays everybody got a plug ni**a
You know hoes say Julio
Only birds that your flipping ni**a
Is the ones in the studio
Designated driver ni**a
Damn right boy them units got a chauffeur
I can’t sleep without it ni**a
Damn right gotta chopper by the sofa
Look at me whipping, I’m confident and c**ky
If this was a category I would be rocky
Say you looking for that comeback look no further
Sh*t coming back tan, that’s that coco butter
Them 10’s, them 20’s, them 50’s, them 100’s
Lost a bag on the road I was sick to my stomach
That Britney, that Iggy Azalea I’ll tell ya
Intercepted the package so I’ll never mail ya, I’m gone

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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