Chris Brown Says “I’m Not Into Hoes Anymore Or Groupies”

Chris Brown is a legend in the making musically because no one can deny that Breezy makes good music. But the singer is already a legend among hoes, according to one of his fans.

Nessa wrote on Twitter that whenever she needs to know if a girl is one then she asked Chris Brown.

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“Whenever I need to hoe check, I call my bruh @chrisbrown and ask “You know this bih?” Lol he’s a legend with hoes #hoerific,” she said.

Brown responded letting her know that he is not into that business anymore.

“I’ve had a lot of experience in that department sis. I’m just not into hoes anymore. I respect the game. Barely any good ones left. U got it worse because ni**as More thirsty then females. Lol. #toughworld,” Breezy responded.

Seems Chris Brown learned his lesson from his current experience with his baby mama.


  1. Well I guess he’s done with that groupie Karrueche.

  2. CuteNice Tobie

    I’m so proud of this young man, may God bless him and baby girl!

  3. Chris Brown knocked up the wrong hoe you should have bag it up ninja. She gonna take every penny you have.