Chris Brown Says “I’m Not Into Hoes Anymore Or Groupies”

Chris Brown is a legend in the making musically because no one can deny that Breezy makes good music. But the singer is already a legend among hoes, according to one of his fans.

Nessa wrote on Twitter that whenever she needs to know if a girl is one then she asked Chris Brown.

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“Whenever I need to hoe check, I call my bruh @chrisbrown and ask “You know this bih?” Lol he’s a legend with hoes #hoerific,” she said.

Brown responded letting her know that he is not into that business anymore.

“I’ve had a lot of experience in that department sis. I’m just not into hoes anymore. I respect the game. Barely any good ones left. U got it worse because ni**as More thirsty then females. Lol. #toughworld,” Breezy responded.

Seems Chris Brown learned his lesson from his current experience with his baby mama.