Reggae Sumfest Defends Booking Empire Actor Yazz

Reggae Sumfest organizers have confirmed that they have booked Empire actor Yazz The Greatest.

Yazz, whose real name is Bryshere Gray, rose to fame starring on the hit new series Empire.

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Last month, Summerfest Productions executive director, Johnny Gourzong, confirmed that they have booked the rapper/actor for his first overseas gig on the biggest reggae festival worldwide.

But he came under fire from fans of the festival for the booking with many questioning the decision.

“A number of people requested this young man,” Gourzong said. “The Empire series is not only popular here, but also overseas. In addition to that, we are working with the Blockbuster theme and people like Common and Jennifer Hudson have been in movies. Even our own Spice and Christopher Martin have performed well in the movie Destiny … so we felt that, why not Yazz as well?”

“He wanted to be here, it’s his first overseas trip, so he is looking forward to being at Sumfest,” Gourzong added. “It’s a little youth who wants to be a part of the culture. He only has one album, but he is a promising rapper.”

Yazz, who is now 21, started rapping when he was 16. He also has one album under his belt.


  1. Is he going to show up to sign autographs? Who the heck wants to pay to see an unestablished rapper? He should pay for his own field trip.

    • Pancho Nu-Impack

      Big up yuh self Yazz jamaica is gonna love you yute….salena if it was your son or your brother you would love for him to get this chance so give the yute a break now……bun up

      • Sorry dude, if he was my brother I’d say the same thing. As a matter of fact, I’d tell him you’re not going over there with one album. The promoters must think people folly…he’s hardly an adequate replacement. So don’t give me this yute this and that.

      • Kazar Williams Bacon

        nicki minaj, aint have no album, n the world love her, jamaican ppl is going to boo him, who ask for him,lol