Chino – Hot Gal Magnet Lyrics

Dem fi know man a real gyallis
Check the headline
Do mi thing rude and smooth like red wine
Ramp rough when time a bed time
Yow deadline wa dem call wi

Hot gyal magnet
Real hot gyal magnet
Man a hot gyal magnet
Wi nuh miss when wi have target

Man a hot gyal magnet
Man a real hot gyal magnet
Man a hot gyal magnet
Dem seh mi have a bad habit

(Verse 1)
Mi get dem easy
And no hacklings
From gyal hot man must haffi win
Man nuh haffi try too hard
Man just have the wings
Lay back like a mayback shofer driving
From chino touch that, gyal a seh the door lock
Caw shi seh shi never gonna let nobody in
Deadline done tell dem a nuff a wi lings
Every gyal a road love off the thing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi get dem easy
Nuh think a dead stock
Easy like how mi finger dem stock
Me lock the whole a round a one path
And the whole a mona weh finger dem lock
Could a white chine, Indian and black
Rather short, or rather dem slim, or dem fat
Every girl waan wi in a dem spot
Bring every gyal for we, wa dem call we

(Repeat Chorus)